Sunday, February 16, 2014

When I dip, you dip, we dip,,, Valentines Fondue

We have done fondue on Valentines for the past few years,
both cheese and chocolate.
This year we opted for only chocolate after our dinner.
 Creating a cute table setting doesn't have to be hard.
I found this cute vinyl tablecloth from Walmart
(they had red polka dots too)
for only .97 cents!
Then gathered other Valentines decor from around the house.
I waited for the mini gold pattern plates to go on sale from Target, that were
a Christmas item, when they finally did I snatched them up quick.
They were perfect for Valentine's and will be for many other
holidays too.
 Strawberry milk for the "Valen-tinies".
Cut paper straws in half for short glasses like these ones. 
Drooling yet?
You can dip almost anything in chocolate,
we chose bananas, pretzels, strawberries and brownie bites.
We bought chocolate fondue melting wafers for our fondue pot,
you can find them almost everywhere from Hobby Lobby to Walmart.
 Let the dipping begin.
We dipped until we were sick.
I think the brownie bites were the hit of the night.
But I have to say the banana and pretzels are the perfect salty sweet combo,
and the pretzel sticks also serve as a handle.

Don't think fondue is hard, it really is the easiest thing to make,
and nothing tastes bad dipped in it.
It's fail proof.
I need to remember to do it more often and not just on Valentine's.
It makes for a fun and interactive dessert.
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